Paladin Sports to Offer Free Sports Physicals for Local Student Athletes

Free physicals for our community’s young athletes will be offered on Saturday, May 18 at Mountain Vista Academy in San Tan Valley

Paladin Sports Outreach is excited to announce its commitment to the health and well-being of our community’s young athletes by offering free sports physicals on Saturday, May 18.

As young athletes prepare for their 2024-25 junior and high school sports seasons, it is crucial for student athletes to undergo a thorough examination to ensure they are physically fit to participate safely in their chosen sports activities. Unfortunately, financial constraints can often be a barrier to accessing this essential healthcare service. In recognition of this challenge, Paladin Sports Outreach, in partnership with Healing Hands Medical Clinic and the Florence Unified School District, is pleased to provide complimentary sports physicals to help ensure every student athlete has the opportunity to compete safely and with confidence.

Ages: Boys and Girls entering 7-12 grade in the 2024-25 school year
: Saturday, May 18
Time: 8am – 4pm
Location: Mountain Vista Academy Gymnasium
What to Bring:

Appointments are required, and interested individuals can schedule their free sports physical by visiting this link.

The free sports physicals will be conducted by a team of experienced and caring healthcare professionals from Healing Hands Medical Clinic, who will assess each athlete’s overall health, medical history, and physical condition. These examinations will include screenings for underlying health issues, evaluation of cardiovascular health, musculoskeletal assessments, and discussions about injury prevention strategies.

“We understand the importance of sports participation in the lives of our community’s youth, and we are committed to supporting their athletic endeavors in a safe and healthy manner,” said Jason Best, Founder of Paladin Sports Outreach. “By offering free sports physicals, we aim to remove any barriers that may prevent student athletes from receiving the necessary medical clearance to compete.”

Paladin Sports Outreach encourages all student athletes to take advantage of this opportunity to ensure their health and safety as they prepare for their upcoming sports seasons.

For more information about the free sports physicals please contact Jason Best or Justin Smith.

About Healing Hands

Healing Hands Medical Clinic (HHMC) is a nonprofit organization focused on providing Christ-centered medical care to those in need. Their mission is to bring healthcare back to the church where it was founded. Their goal is to make it easier for those who don’t have access to care or can’t afford healthcare as well as those who want healthcare done differently. They offer direct primary care through membership options as well as financial assistance through their Mission Pay option for those who qualify.

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