Bring Your Bible to School Day is October 5 - a student-led celebration that empowers Christian student-athletes to live out their faith!



Summer is ending and our Paladin Club Sports teams are kicking off their seasons! Program growth, national qualifying and a grant award are the highlight of this month’s newsletter. Scroll down to check out the amazing things that our club teams and players are accomplishing and stay in the loop on all things Paladin!


Paladin Basketball Club finishes practice with a devotional out of their FCA Athlete Bibles and FCA Core Devo books.

Paladin Baseball Club Smith 10U takes an opportunity to pray in the community at the local batting cage. Keep making a Kingdom impact!

We lead with our faith! Paladin Club teams regularly end their practices with a devotional out of their FCA Athlete Bibles and FCA Core Devo books. On October 5, 2023 your young student-athletes have an opportunity to live out their faith by bringing their bible to school!

Bring Your Bible to School Day is an annual, student-led celebration that empowers Christian students and student-athletes to live out their faith. All it takes are two simple steps – bringing their Bible to school and sharing what God’s Word means to them!

Paladin Baseball Club Director Kevin Bell and his family had an incredible night at the ballpark recently! The D-Backs stepped up to the plate for Paladin Sports Outreach, giving $1000 grant to support equipment, coaching, and facilities.

Kevin and his son Deacon received their well-deserved $1000 check during a special on-field recognition ceremony. Not only that, their family got to enjoy the game with 6 awesome tickets!

Paladin Baseball Club teams are kicking off the league play this month!

The Paladin Club Softball 12U continues their winning streak! They recently qualified for the Nationals with their latest tournament win. This is a huge accomplishment so let’s give a big congrats to coach Jason Bane, his staff, and players!

The inaugural Paladin Soccer Club season is here! We are kicking off our first Paladin Select Soccer season with three teams this Fall. The select soccer program is a developmental, pre-club soccer program led by experienced coaches who teach the foundations of technical and tactical soccer.

Practice began this week for our teams and we are looking forward to our first games Saturday, September 23.

God is good and our program is poised for amazing growth! Look for additional information about our Spring season coming this October.

GROWTH! That’s what Paladin Basketball Club was asking for and it was most definitely received! Our club program has doubled in size coming into the 2023-24 season and we are now at 8 teams total.

The program has also added a number of services including a sports chiropractor, nutritionist, yoga instructor, strength and conditioning coach, and a college placement coordinator! We are excited to see what is to come of the season!


Our social media team is busy planning some hype campaigns to showcase our club athletes in action and we need your help to make it a success! We want to capture those moments of your kids during games and practices, and we’re inviting you to share your candid snapshots and videos with us. Whether it’s a winning goal, a triumphant high-five, praying with the opposing team or simply the joy of playing their favorite sport, we want to see it all!

By emailing us your images and videos, you’ll not only help us create an engaging social media campaign, but you’ll also give your child the chance to be featured on our official channels, giving them a well-deserved spotlight moment. Plus, it’s a fun way to showcase your pride as a sports parent and show off your child’s achievements! So grab your smartphones, dust off your cameras, and start capturing those special moments!

Please send your photos to and include your child’s name, the sport they play, and any relevant details about the image. To ensure that your images are best suited for our social media platforms, we kindly ask that you submit vertical images as they fit well on most platforms. Thank you for your participation and continued support.


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